MY BEST TECH: Jocelyn Hunter

Jocelyn Hunter is the founder and managing director of Bench PR, a public relations firm servicing some of the biggest growing names in the technology scene.

Taking care of tech companies is a busy job. So Jocelyn’s favourite piece of tech is an app that allows her to keep track of her fitness – and benchmark her progress at the same time.

“I run to relax and keep fit, get away from the stresses of running the business – it’s my time to think, away from any distractions. So, I think my favourite piece of tech is an app I have on my phone called Runkeeper.”

“The app enables GPS tracking, distance, speed monitoring, caloric output, and activity history, so you can use it to monitor your progress.”

“Once I’ve finished my run, the data is updated in my account. I’ve found Runkeeper really useful to train for races, it keeps you motivated.”

“You can also post your progress onto social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, but I’ve decided to spare my friends and family the details!”


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