MY BEST TECH: Kate Morris

Kate Morris is the founder and director of online cosmetics retailer AdoreBeauty. Being a retail site, Morris has plenty to keep track of including customer service. She uses a chat service to make sure all every visitor has access to quick and useful information.

“We use a chat service called Olark. It’s a really inexpensive program compared to other chat software, and enables us to route calls all over the office and I can log into it from home if need be. You can use it from a mobile, or a tablet, so it’s good bang for your buck.

“It’s a great customer service tool, but we find it helps us in a lot of other ways as well.

“When customers are on the site not looking for specific brands, we can use it to help them find something. You can help them at an earlier stage than you would otherwise. It’s a great program.”


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