MY BEST TECH: Michael Folmer Hansen

Michael Folmer Hansen is the vice president and general manager at the web-based support software company Zendesk, in charge of the company’s Asia-Pacific operations.

With such a huge area to oversee, Hansen needs something to keep him focused. This little piece of tech is actually influenced by Buddhist temples, and helps keep Hansen calm on those stress-filled days.

“My favourite gadget is my Buddha Machine. It’s like a little AM radio. It comes in various colours, has no manual or cables and plays calming music at random. Every customer support agent should have one.”

“Based on machines found in Buddhist temples that loop drones and endless chants, the Buddha Machine contains a tiny chip with nine loops on it. You can download the loops which are built from traditional instruments.”

“They also have an iPhone/iPod application called the ‘virtual Buddha Machine’ which replicates the simplicity of the original with improved sound quality.”  


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