MY BEST TECH: Michael McKinnon

Michael McKinnon is a security advisor for internet security firm AVG. Understandably, he spends a lot of time with technology. This year, McKinnon says his favourite piece of tech is a gadget that allows him to conduct more parts of his life online.

“For Christmas I got a Doxie portable scanner – it’s great. I’ve been attempting in 2013 to go paperless, and there are a few different models of these types of scanners.”

“It’s interesting, because at the moment we’re getting to a point where there is yet another push towards the paperless office. This is great for scanning documents, receipts, and little small documents you wouldn’t necessarily think are good for scanning.”

“It’s searchable, too. If you combine this with Evernote you can scan documents that keep the GPS data, so you can track things like receipts from filling the car up with petrol.”


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