MY BEST TECH: Monte Huebsch

Monte Huebsch is the head of Aussie Web, one of the few SEO firms in Australia with a licence to actually resell Google AdWords.

Huebsch is keen on reinforcing the need for backup technology in his business – and he’s found a gadget that can take care of all of his needs without having to lift a finger.

“We use our Apple Time Machine to back up everything. Over time, we’ve slowly moved from Windows and PCs to MacBooks, but when I was running Windows it was a challenge to schedule a backup to a network drive.”

“So we just bought a two Terabyte machine, and it just works. We plugged it in, it recognised all the computers, and it does everything for us.”

“Given we had floods in Brisbane here a year-and-a-half ago, data recovery is a big issue for us, and we do use the cloud often. But with this, I don’t even have to think about it.”


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