Tony Nash is the chief executive and co-founder of Australia’s biggest online bookseller, Booktopia. Being an online entrepreneur, Nash is no stranger to technology – he’s even adopted a new eReader.

But his favourite piece of tech has pulled him away from his beloved BlackBerry – the Samsung Nexus smartphone.

“I have never owned an iPhone so I can’t compare but the large screen and ease of use with the Google Android operating system makes it a very useful device for me. I can stay on top of emails very easily and don’t need to drag around my tablet PC all the time.”

“One of Blackberry’s selling points is the speed of writing emails but I find the Nexus just as fast or even faster. Internet surfing is a breeze, the use of Google Maps is excellent while the GPS tracking is very helpful and as Booktopia sells Google eBooks, any eBook that I buy on the Booktopia website I can easily read on the Google reader.”

“I could go on and on about it because it is brand new but all in all, it is a powerful phone with tremendous mobile computer power that enables me to keep on top of my business when I am on the move.”


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