MY BEST TECH: Vaughan Rowsell

Vaughan Rowsell is the chief executive of Vend, a company which provides POS software to retailers that tracks inventory and helps manager customers.

Rowsell’s favourite piece of tech has attracted a lot of attention in the United States for its innovative approach to home security by using the accessibility of a smartphone app.

My favourite gadget is the Lockitron. Not only does it have an awesomely cool name, but it very practically allows you to open your front door with your phone, from anywhere! It tells you when the kids get home from school and allows you to remotely open the door for the plumber.

This is actually an idea I have tinkered with myself in the workshop at home as a side project, with all my spare time when I am not dominating the world of awesome retail point-of-sale.

Unfortunately that equates to exactly no free time, so I am very pleased the guys at Lockitron have enabled me to ditch my house keys once and for all and use my phone for almost everything. If they could just do Ignitionitron for my car next, please!


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