MY BEST TECH: Vuki Vujasinovic

Vuki Vujasinovic is the managing director of Click PR, a public relations agency he started two years ago. In such a fast-growing start-up, keeping track of projects is critical. Vuki says he uses a collaboration tool started by one of Facebook’s original founders to keep his team on track.

“I’ve just started using Asana, and it’s a great collaboration tool, it’s helped us a lot.”

“We’re a fast-growing company, and we use technology to make the PR process more efficient. I come from an agency background, and there would usually be just too much talking about work rather than getting on and doing it.”

“I wanted to change that, and Asana lets me keep track of what people are doing, down to the nitty gritty. So I can be working remotely at a café or something, and then be working on a campaign and see what others are doing as well.”


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