MY BEST TECH: Windows 8 makes business a piece of cake for Anthea Leonard

In her 34 years in the cake decorating business, Anthea Leonard has made thousands of cakes that push the boundaries of cuisine.

This has led her to build a thriving Sydney business, Sweet Art, servicing everyone from corporate clients, wedding planners, and Hollywood celebrities. She tells SmartCompany her favourite piece of tech is a much-maligned operating system that works the way she thinks. 

“Windows 8 changed my life. It’s totally extraordinary. It’s such a visual process. It’s so tactile because you touch the screen. It’s also much faster for me, because I think in such a touchy-feely way.”

“I love the layering of it – I think it’s very clever. I know people say they find it difficult to navigate, but that hasn’t been my experience at all.”

“Being an artist – I’ve never been focused on the technical back-end of my business. I didn’t always use IT in the way I do now. Now, I can’t imagine how I live without it.”



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