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MY BEST TECH: Windows 8 makes business a piece of cake for Anthea Leonard

Myriam Robin /

In her 34 years in the cake decorating business, Anthea Leonard has made thousands of cakes that push the boundaries of cuisine.

This has led her to build a thriving Sydney business, Sweet Art, servicing everyone from corporate clients, wedding planners, and Hollywood celebrities. She tells SmartCompany her favourite piece of tech is a much-maligned operating system that works the way she thinks. 

“Windows 8 changed my life. It’s totally extraordinary. It’s such a visual process. It’s so tactile because you touch the screen. It’s also much faster for me, because I think in such a touchy-feely way.”

“I love the layering of it – I think it’s very clever. I know people say they find it difficult to navigate, but that hasn’t been my experience at all.”

“Being an artist – I’ve never been focused on the technical back-end of my business. I didn’t always use IT in the way I do now. Now, I can’t imagine how I live without it.”


Myriam Robin

Myriam Robin is a reporter for SmartCompany and its sister site LeadingCompany. She has degrees in economics, international studies and journalism. She likes writing about businesses taking risks and doing new things.