New-style window shopping… BlackBerry under attack… Technology’s generation gap… ABC online redesign…

Window shopping goes digital

Not content with being a leader in fashion, Ralph Lauren is now pushing window shopping to new places. Trendhunter says Ralph Lauren’s flagship London store has installed a giant 78-inch touchscreen in its front window, where you would normally see a merchandise display.

Not only does the screen display the products available inside the store, passers-by can use it to browse and order directly from the window. If you place an order, you will be contacted via email within 24 hours to provide your payment information and the item will be delivered soon after.

So much easier than actually going into the shop?!

BlackBerry under attack

Next time you tap some confidential competitive information into your BlackBerry consider this: somebody may be able to intercept it because most messages are routed through servers in the US and Canada.

The French Government has imposed bans on the use of BlackBerrys by staff in the French President’s and Prime Minister’s offices because of concerns that US eavesdroppers the national Security Agency many be listening. The use by Australian Government officials is coming under scrutiny for the same reason, according to a report in the Australian Financial Review.

BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion yesterday dismissed the allegations as speculation based on “false and misleading information”.

Technology’s generation gap

As small firms increasingly rely on high-tech applications to grow, a generation gap is emerging in family-run businesses over the importance of investing in technology, a new study shows. reports that a survey by Microsoft found conflict between older business owners, who want to see a direct impact on the bottom line before investing in technology, and their children, who want the latest high-tech products and applications.

The survey, of more than 250 small-business owners in the United States, found six in 10 admitted to having disagreements with younger family members over technology issues.

Yet, despite the occasional family squabbles, more than three in four business owners surveyed agreed that technology was important to sustaining their business, while nearly half said it was very or extremely important for growth.

ABC online redesign

The ABC has revamped its website to adopt web 2.0 philosophies and encourage user-generated content. ABC journalist Stuart Watt told the Australian Financial Review that the Flash-based site is designed to put the power into users’ hands.

Users can create their own playlists of video and audio and time shift their viewing and listening experience.

Quote of the Day

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

– Richard Branson


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