No faith in Facebook: US consumer confidence in social network plummets

Consumer confidence in Facebook has hit a record low in the US with consumers growing increasingly wary of the social network, according to recent surveys.

The Foresee/American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report, republished by the Business Standard, reveals that customer satisfaction with the social network has fallen 7.6% to a score of 61 out of 100 – a new record low for a social media service.

The survey revealed the highest consumer satisfaction rank was tied between Google Plus and Wikipedia on 78 points, followed by Pinterest (69 points), Twitter (64 points) and LinkedIn (63 points).

A second survey, conducted by Harris poll, compared how comfortable consumers are with the way Facebook, Amazon, and Google handle personal data.

Almost directly mirroring the ACSI result, Harris poll found that while 66% were comfortable with Amazon’s use of past purchases to make recommendations, only 41% trusted Google’s use of prior website visits to serve ads, and just 33% of respondents trusted Facebook’s use of private data to focus consumer ads.


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