Nokia looking to join Apple in dumping Samsung as a supplier

Nokia is rumoured to be looking at joining Apple in dumping Samsung as a component supplier in its mobile phones.

Currently, Samsung subsidiaries supply a number of key components to its mobile competitors, including batteries, LCD displays, processors and memory chips.

However, according to Apple Insider, the Finnish smartphone giant is joining Apple in looking for alternative suppliers over concerns about the separation between Samsung’s components divisions and its smartphone division.

“The ‘firewall’ between component sales and smartphones [at Samsung] is about as sturdy as a pile of kimchi,” an anonymous source told Apple Insider.

The source goes on to accuse Samsung of copying Nokia designs.

“Samsung has a record of getting orders for next-gen components, then cancelling the orders. And then they show up in a Samsung phone.”

“When you see a Samsung (certain specialized new design for) OLED phone as you surely will, you are looking at something that was stolen from Nokia.”

The news comes as Apple is shifting its component orders from Samsung following a series of patent lawsuits between the two companies.


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