Nokia’s Lumia 920 is more expensive in Europe than the Samsung Galaxy S3

Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphone will cost more to purchase outright than the Samsung Galaxy S3, based on European prices.

According to Tech Thoughts, Nokia has priced the Lumia 920 at €637 ($A803), making it cheaper to purchase outright than the €679 ($A855) Apple iPhone 5, but significantly more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy S3, which costs €540 ($A680).

Nokia’s pricing also comes out more expensive than competing Windows Phone 8 devices from HTC, with the HTC 8X coming in at €550 ($A692) and the low-end HTC 8S costing just €299 ($A376).

Nokia’s lower-end Lumia 820 comes in at €499 ($A628), making it €200 more expensive to buy outright than the low-end HTC 8S and just €41 cheaper than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3.


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