NVidia announces Project SHIELD: A STEAM-powered portable Android console

Graphics card and mobile processor design firm NVidia is set to enter the video game console market with a new games console called Project SHIELD.

The portable console, which was unveiled by the company at the 2012 International CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, can be used either as a stand-alone handheld device or connect wirelessly to any Windows PC  with a GeForce GTX graphics processor for use as a controller.

The new console is based on Google’s Android platform, meaning that most apps in the Google Play store should work on the device, alongside apps from NVidia’s TegraZone game store.

When used as a controller, the company claims the new device is capable of streaming video from a PC to the portable device, including games from STEAM’s popular PC gaming service.

The new device is also set to be one of the first to feature the company’s new 72-core Tegra 4 processor.


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