“NVIDIA, f…k you!”: Linus Trovalds attacks NVIDIA’s Linux and Android support

Linus Trovalds, the original creator of the Linux operating system, has attacked graphics chip maker NVIDIA during a forum hosted by the Aalto Centre for Entrepreneurship in Finland.

According to CNET, during a Q&A session at the forum, a woman in the audience alleged that NVIDIA refused to provide support for an Optimus chip inside her Linux laptop.

Trovalds responded: “NVIDIA has been one of the worst trouble spots we’ve had with hardware manufacturers. And that’s really sad because NVIDIA tries to sell chips – a lot of chips – into the Android market.”

“And NVIDIA has been the single worst company we’ve ever dealt with! So NVIDIA, f…k you!”

The Android smartphone and tablet platform, desktop operating systems such as Canonical’s Ubuntu, and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) webservers (used to host many popular content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla!) are all built on the open source Linux operating system kernel.


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