Plan your interior design online

Virtual interior design may not have been the first thing on scientists’ minds when they were inventing the internet, but a new website called Design My Room has sprung up that shows it is a task to which the web is well suited.

According to Springwise, users of Design My Room start with an empty digital room, either provided by the website or a picture of your own room you can download to the site. You can then paint, decorate and furnish the room from thousands of product options – taken from real brands such as Smith & Noble and Whirlpool – available on the site.

You simply drag and drop a curtain here or a couch there, dragging, mixing and matching until you find the right combination. Or if you’re struggling, the website also provides example rooms designed by professional designers for inspirations.

The website makes money by charging membership fees. A membership enables five projects for $US4.95 a month, while premium members get 25 projects for $US9.95 a month, and uploading a room photo costs $US25. The products you use to deck out your virtual rooms can also be purchased through the site, which no doubt generates them a nice revenue stream.


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