Quick Technology Tips

Quick Technology Video Tips

Here are some great tips on how to work smarter at your computer. Motivational speaker and author Debbie Mayo-Smith presents 12 different software video tips:

Video Tip 1 – Rules: A great solution to easing your email burden 
Video Tip 2 – Unveiled: A secret diamond hiding in your Outlook Contacts
Video Tip 3 – How to superstar your business development 
Video Tip 4 – The secret to improve your early morning productivity 
Video Tip 5 – Drag n Drop to create Contacts
Video Tip 6 – Format your documents in a flash
Video Tip 7 – Save time with Autocorrect
Video Tip 8 – Calendar Clues
Video Tip 9 – Outlook Contact Clues
Video Tip 10 – Want to be a better email writer?
Video Tip 11 – Get to your latest documents faster
Video Tip 12 – Want to save time replying to emails?

Debbie is the author of 101 Quick Tips for Google and Email.


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