Samsung busted for rigging benchmark app results again

Samsung has again been busted for manipulating the results from popular benchmarking apps, this time on its new Galaxy Note 3 tablet.

According to Ars Technica, the Galaxy Note 3 contains a list of popular benchmarking apps in a hidden file on the device.

Benchmarking apps perform a series of standard tests on a device in order to allow a user to compare the speed and performance of different tablets and smartphones.

In ordinary use, processor cores automatically switch off when a phone is not in heavy use in order to conserve battery life, with additional cores switched on for processor-intensive apps and games.

However, on a Galaxy Note 3, when any of the benchmarking apps are run, the device automatically switches into a special mode that locks the processor into its highest speed mode and prevents any of the device’s processor cores from ever shutting down.


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