Samsung represents 46% of Android ad impressions as HTC, Motorola and LG languish

Devices manufactured by Korean electronics giant Samsung dominate the ad impressions viewed by Android users, according to new market research figures.

The figures, compiled by market research firm Millennial Media, show that smartphones and tablets manufactured by the Korean electronics giant accounted for a massive 46% of all ad impressions viewed by Android users during the third quarter of 2012.

The figure represents a massive year-on-year growth rate, with Samsung devices accounting for 23% of ad impressions during the same quarter a year earlier.

However, the news is less rosy for fellow Android device makers HTC (which accounted for 16% of impressions in 2012 compared to 32% a year earlier), Google/Motorola (down to 11% from 22% a year earlier) and LG (down to just 9%, from 16% year-on-year).

However, the broad “other” category did experience growth, hitting 18% marketshare from 8% a year earlier.


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