Samsung to start manufacturing flexible AMOLED displays this year

Samsung is set to begin manufacturing flexible AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) displays this year, according to Korean news reports.

The reports, republished by The Verge, reveal that first generation devices using flexible glass will still be covered by a “protective layer” of regular glass, with truly flexible devices that can bend like paper expected in 2014.

In June, SmartCompany reported that glass manufacturer Corning had developed a new form of flexible glass, known as “Willow glass”, which will allow for the creation of bendable touchscreen displays in smartphones, eBook readers and tablet devices.

Corning claims that the glass can withstand higher temperatures than polymer film: tablet devices and e-book readers that are as flexible as softcover print books and newspapers have long been considered a “holy grail” product by both the publishing industry and electronic device manufacturers.

The news represents a major step forward towards that eventual goal.


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