Lenovo exec admits PC industry underestimated touchscreen demand

A senior Lenovo executive has admitted major PC vendors have underestimated consumer demand for touchscreen displays.

In an interview with CNet, Lenovo’s North American president, Gerry Smith, says that a recent undersupply of touchscreen PCs had been caused by the industry underestimating the level of consumer demand.

“As you go through any major architectural transition, you try to forecast accurately how much the attach rate will be on touch [or other features],” Smith says. “

“Across every major [shift] over the past 10 years, we’re never right. The learning is: how do you respond to that? How does the industry change and evolve?”

However, Smith argues that underestimating demand for touchscreens is a positive for the industry.

“The tough question would have been if touch was a disaster, wasn’t selling, and we had all this much supply,” Smith says.

“I view it selling well, a shortage, everyone chasing supply as a huge positive because it shows market potential and it shows a huge market opportunity.”


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