Shutdown bug turns Pebbles into bricks

A number of Pebble smartwatch owners are complaining about a firmware bug which causes their devices to be unable to reboot after shutdown.

According to Engadget, the issue first emerged in a discussion on the smartwatch maker’s official message boards.

“We’ve had reports of this issue, and we understand of course that it’s annoying for users. We’re replacing any Pebbles for users who report this issue,” chief executive Eric Migicovski said in an initial statement.

“We’re reviewing the Pebbles that get returned, working to get to the bottom of the issue. We have our support team ready to follow up to any user that reports this issue.”

In a later statement, Migicovski clarified the company had identified 20 to 30 smartwatches affected by the issue.

“We’re tracking a few reports of this issue. Up to Friday, we’ve had 20-30 reports (out of 30,000+ pebbles). We’ve gotten several back to the office, and we’re getting to the bottom of it,” he said.


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