Small business hits the small screen

The quirks of life running a small business are set to take centre stage in a six-part comedy series commissioned by the ABC.

The premise of the show, to be called Very Small Business, will resonate with anyone familiar with running an enterprise. The lead character in the series, Don Angel, owns and runs the grandly named Don’s Worldwide Business Group along with his one employee, Ray.

Problem is, the business is heading towards liquidation, Don’s marriage is suffering, and the taxman is knocking on the door. Must be a bit of a black comedy.

The series is being produced by Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler, the people who created the Librarians series that also recently screened on the ABC.

“We really saw an opening for a show like this on ABC TV. We’re big fans of Alan Kohler and Inside Business; we just think it could be funnier,” Hope says.

The series will be filmed in Melbourne over the next six weeks.


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