StatCounter fires back at Microsoft allegations of flawed statistics

Market research firm StatCounter has fired back at Microsoft claims that its methodology is flawed, following the release of figures showing Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular web browser.

Late last month, StatCounter released figures showing that Google’s Chrome web browser had overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular web browser

Following the release of the statistics, Microsoft director of Internet Explorer product marketing Roger Capriotti fired back by posting a blog  alleging that StatCounter uses a flawed methodology to calculate its web browser marketshare figures.

StatCounter has responded by posting a lengthy open letter to Roger Capriotti outlining, in meticulous detail, 10 “unfortunate errors” and factual omissions in Capriotti’s blog.

The StatCounter letter concludes: “We have absolutely no problem with you or with Microsoft or IE… our problem is with misleading and biased information being published under the guise of a fair and balanced analysis. We have no preference for one browser over another.”

“We are independent and report what we see.”


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