Telstra announces AFL app ahead of Google Glass release

Telstra has announced a new app for Google Glass, despite the fact the augmented reality glasses are still to be released in Australia.

The telco giant claims the new app will unobtrusively display real-time AFL information and scores to the displays of Google Glass users.

The app, named AFL Glassware, will be released alongside the official AFL Live app for iOS and Android.

The latest announcement comes despite the fact the expected release date for the new device has been pushed back until May next year, meaning the app will most likely be unavailable for most of the next season.

“Although Google Glass is not yet for sale within Australia, we felt it was important to anticipate the need of our customers and have applications ready for the marketplace when it does go on sale. It also reinforces our commitment as the digital partner to the AFL,” Telstra states.

The announcement comes despite the fact Telstra doesn’t currently offer a version of its AFL Live app for Windows Phone.


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