Twitter user reports burglary in action

Twitter has allowed users around the world to report on events as soon as they happen, network with other business professionals and keep in touch with friends.

But a Silicon Valley executive has now used the social networking site to post a live video stream of a burglar in action.


David Prager, chief executive of internet TV start-up Revision3, decided that when a strange man entered his bathroom that he would not call the police and report him but post on the micro-blogging site.


“There is no TP [toilet paper] in my bathroom – wonder if that is complicating things for him – was gonna wait for him to come out and kick him out,” he wrote. Prager also set up a video stream for his Twitter followers to watch.


After posting 15 times in an hour, Prager said that he was “debating calling cops but just feel it’s not needed for some reason”, and instead decided to confront the man. After dragging the semi-unconscious man from his bathroom, Prager locked the door and Twittered one more time.


“OK – I think the drama is over – intruder is out – door is locked – think I finally need some sleep,” he wrote. Videos of the intruder have now been posted on YouTube.


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