VIDEO: A hands-on look at Jolla’s Sailfish smartphone interface, full launch presentation

Jolla, a smartphone start-up launched by former members of Nokia’s elite Meego-N9 smartphone development team, has revealed the first version of its Sailfish platform ahead of the company’s first handset in the first half of next year.

For those unfamiliar with the backstory of Jolla, here is a quick backstory of how the company came to be founded:

{qtube vid:=zjwrg_UToRc}

Here is a hands-on preview of the platform:

{qtube vid:=_c_BqnR_vAM}

This video presents a more in-depth look at a couple of the key features:

{qtube vid:=KHn3qp_E3_A}

Finally, here is a video of the full 27 minute Sailfish interface presentation from Slush 2012.

{qtube vid:=u8skFXWR2y8}


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