VIDEO: A tour of Google’s Moto X factory in Texas

Earlier this week, Google officially opened the factory in Fort Worth, Texas in which it will assemble its Moto X smartphone.

The facility is already assembling 100,000 smartphones per week.

In the US, Moto X customers can go onto a website called Moto Maker where they are able to choose a colour for the front and back, a second colour for accented features (for example, the edge of the camera), the amount of memory (16 or 32 gigabytes) and the default wallpaper.

Upon a user choosing their design, the phone will be custom-assembled at a factory within the US, with Google promising to ship the completed devices out within days.

However, overseas customers and users on a carrier that does not support Moto Maker customisation will have a choice between a standard ‘woven white’ or ‘woven black’ model.

Mobile TechReview has posted this video tour of the facility, which is owned by contract manufacturing giant Flextronics:


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