VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5, Firefox OS working demo

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 5.

So how does it compare to its strongest competitor, Samsung’s Galaxy S3?

T3 has posted this video comparing the key details of both Apple’s and Samsung’s flagship devices:

{qtube vid:= 4xKqcts4ci0}

Meanwhile, hidden amongst the iPhone hype, Mozilla previewed its forthcoming Firefox OS smartphone platform during the week.

Unlike Google and Apple, Mozilla is taking the unusual tactic of making its preview versions of its software freely available as it develops.

So how far has development progressed? AndroidCentral posted this video of a developer preview of Mozilla’s Firefox OS, previously known as Boot to Gecko.

Being an Android blog, the video demonstrates the platform running on a two-year-old Samsung Nexus S smartphone, so it obviously isn’t as fast as it would be on a newer handset. Nonetheless, it gives a good indication of the “look and feel” Mozilla is aiming for in Firefox OS:

{qtube vid:= 3b0Iy1V2RWc}


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