Website turns heartbreak into dollars

A new website has been created to provide a dedicated online market for a rather unique commodity – jewellery given to the seller by former love interests.

Springwise reports that, launched in February, has quickly built up a steady trade in rings, necklaces and other jewellery given to women by their former partners.

There is also a section of the site for items other than jewellery – called “gifts that should have been jewellery” – where that romantic bowling ball or anniversary blender can be sold.

But the commercial side of things is only one part of the website. Visitors are also given the opportunity to tell their tales of relationship woe by telling the story behind the item for sale and giving it a rating according to categories such as “loved it but just can’t stand to see it anymore,” “great gift, wrong guy”.

And for those who feel there is something wrong about selling items given as gifts, there is also an option to give jewellery away, or donate proceeds to charity.


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