Windows Phone fragmentation: 39% of users still use WP 7, low-end Nokia Lumias dominate

Low-end Nokia Lumia smartphones are dominating the Windows Phone market, according to new figures, while widespread continued use of Windows Phone 7 is fragmenting the platform.

The figures were collected from 836 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 ad code, and measured both the device and the version of Windows Phone.

The figures show the low-end Nokia Lumia 520 accounted for 13.3% of all usage, while the Lumia 620 was the third most popular device with 9.6%.

In contrast, the high end Lumia 920 accounts for 11.8% of the market.

The two smartphones rounding out the top five Windows Phone devices both run WP7, with Lumia 710 accounting for 9.6% of the market and the Lumia 800 accounting for 8.4%.

In total, 39% of all Windows Phone users still use Windows Phone 7, compared to 61% running Windows Phone 8.

Overall, Nokia accounts for 85.4% of Windows Phone devices, bearing out HTC on 11.5% and Samsung on just 2%.



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