Would you like a charge with that? McDonald’s Europe trials wireless charging stations

While free Wi-Fi has long been available from many fast food chains, McDonald’s in Europe is going a step further by trialling free wireless mobile charging stations in some of its outlets.

According to Good News Finland, the charging stations will be based on Qi wireless chargers provided by Finnish firm PowerKiss.

By placing their smartphone over a designated spot on their table, users will automatically be able to charge their smartphones while they eat at a McDonald’s store.

”Wireless charging will be seamlessly integrated into selected table tops of the pilot restaurants”, says McDonald’s Europe senior director Eric Bourgeois.

It is hygienic, safe and unobtrusive, but at the same [time] also functional, aesthetic and innovative. Therefore it follows McDonald’s Europe interior philosophy very well.

“It’s always important for us to create premium value for our mobile customers. The PowerKiss wireless charging solution fits very well into this thinking”.


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