Your own personal online newshound

A new website called Persai will offer a kind of personalised “Google News” style service for people who want to keep up with the latest on particular topics, Venturebeat reports.

Once Persai is open to the public – it’s currently in private beta – subscribers will be able to set up their own personalised news aggregator base. The user will simply type in key words for the topics they are interested in and Persai will send out Google-bot type code creatures to find relevant information and present it to you in an RSS reader style format.

And those little Persai-bots are apparently pretty clever. They use software algorithms to find and rank articles on the web related to your keywords according to the quality and depth of the content.

They can also learn to find information that better suits your needs by absorbing “accept or reject” feedback you give to each article they collect for you. If you click on an article to read, Persai learns that you like that type of article. If you click on the “reject” button below each entry, that entry disappears and Persai learns that you don’t like that type of article.


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