YouTube still the king as Americans watch over 40 billion online videos in one month

The number of online videos watched in the US reached nearly 41 billion in May, along with 15.8 billion ads, with 182 million Americans now watching online videos, according to new figures.

The comScore figures show the clear market leader was Google (including YouTube), securing 154.5 million viewers, ahead of Facebook (60 million), AOL (53 million), VEVO (52 million), NDN (46 million), Microsoft (45 million), Viacom (43 million), Yahoo! (43 million), Amazon (33 million) and Turner Digital (32 million).

In total, 13.9 billion Google/YouTube videos were watched, followed by 838 million AOL videos and 727 million Facebook videos.

AOL’s online sites include Huffington Post, Moviefone, Engadget, TechCrunch, gdgt, Patch, and Stylelist.

The online video ad leader was Brightroll, which showed 2.6 billion ads, followed by Google (2.5 billion), Liverail (2.1 billion), (2 billion) and Hulu (1.6 billion).

VEVO was the most popular channel on YouTube, scoring 50 million viewers and 561 million video views.

The remainder of the top five YouTube channels by viewers included Fullscreen (36 million), Maker (32 million), Warner music (31 million) and ZEFR (27 million).

In total, 84.8% of the US online audience watched at least one video during the month, with the average video at 5.6 minutes long and the average ad 0.4 minutes long.

Advertising accounted for 2.6% of all minutes spent watching online videos.




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