Facebook’s search optimisation tips are now even more important

Facebook’s search optimisation tips are now even more important

As Facebook launches more features and becomes a mobile-centric platform, it’s time to make sure your business is Facebook optimised.

Nearby Places is a current feature that allows users to search for local businesses, such as restaurants and shops, based on the places their friends have recommended, rated or checked into. It is important to ensure all your Page information is up to date and encourage customers to check in, as well as rate, review, like and share will optimise your presence.

When people search via their mobile, the volume of interactions increases your chances of coming up in Facebook’s search results.  

Where the Nearby Places feature is going to become more critical is with the launch of Facebook’s Graph Search. Graph Search is available to people using Facebook in English, and you can apply to go on the waiting list.

This is a major move into Facebook taking on the search industry. Users can search their social graph, the people they are connected to as friends or friends of friends to get recommendations.

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