Google begins SEO change rollout: Search results for Android app content coming

Google has officially announced it is beginning to roll out search results linking directly to content within apps.

The new change adds an ‘open in app’ button added to search results of users when a website also has a related Android app that’s installed on a users’ device.

In a statement, Google’s vice president of engineering, Scott Huffman, claims the change will make it easier for consumers to find their files.

“Starting today, Google can save you the digging for information in the dozens of apps you use every day, and get you right where you need to go in those apps with a single search.

“Let’s say you’re getting ready for the holidays but can’t remember the name of that classic Christmas movie you want to show your children. Now, you can use Google search to find the movie and learn more about it in one of your favourite apps.”

Huffman also says consumers will need to use the Google Search app, Chrome or Android browser to take advantage of the new feature, with the new feature unavailable through alternative browsers such as Firefox.

“These new features are rolling out now on Android (through the Google Search app or directly in Chrome and Android browsers). App listings for from Google Play will appear in search when they’re relevant.

“You’ll be able to search within a select number of apps initially. We’re working with developers to add more over the coming months.”

In a post on the official Android developer blog last month, the company said search results from apps will begin being displayed in the US over the coming weeks.

In order to take advantage of the new feature, website developers will be required to add a link tag in the head section of their website.

Developers will also need to add intent-filter elements for search results into their Android apps’ manifest files, setting out which activities are launchable from a Google search result.


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