How is technology putting lives at risk?

This post has nothing to do with IT systems – it is all about saving lives. Possibly yours!

We are allowing technology to put our lives at risk. There are advertising campaigns urging us to turn off our phones while driving, but the message is not sinking in fast enough.

We all know there are plenty of bad drivers on the road, but we are all pretty sure we are not one of them. Chances are if you are on a phone call in the car or, worse, reading or sending text messages while in control of a car you are one of those bad drivers, you are just too distracted to notice.

There have been studies carried out directly linking mobile phone use to increased risk of an accident causing serious injury. One study found phone users were four times more likely to be in accidents that results injury themselves. Others have been done overseas reaching similar conclusions.

There are a couple of categories at higher risk than others, young drivers and small business owners. As a small business owner, we often try to be available and on top of things all the time. What we don’t realise is that in Australia it is illegal to make use of a mobile phone for any purpose while in control of a motor vehicle. Not even when we are stuck in traffic. Technically not even to use it to help us navigate using GPS technology on the phone. That should be set before starting the engine and then left to function untouched during the travel.

As we turn our thoughts to the festive season and get to some of the busiest traffic times of the year, please spare a thought for your own safety and that of your fellow road users and make sure your phone stays out of sight while you are driving. Remind your kids of the law and risks too please.

David Markus is the founder of Combo – the IT services company that ensures IT is never an impediment to growth.


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