How to plan your IT spend

Paul Wallbank is a SmartCompany blogger and the founder of PC Rescue. He has some advice about planning your IT spending.

“When buying things in a hurry people can make mistakes, so it’s better to spend some time thinking about what you need to buy and at what price.

“There’s no need to waste money just for the sake of buying new stuff. Discuss where the weak points are with your staff and systems administrator, and where they think your systems can be improved.

“That five year old computer has been long written off, and the time your staff spend struggling with older, inadequate technology is a far greater loss than the cost of investing in new systems.

“Also keep in mind there’s various tax concessions currently available for businesses. So have a chat with your accountant before signing the purchase order or pulling out the credit card.

“Technology is the most important investment your business can make. Now is the time to think about the right tools so your staff can work wonders for your enterprise.”

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