Jodie Moule from Cook, on the Nike Fuel Band: My Best Tech

Jodie Moule is one of the co-founding directors of Cook. Cook allows you to create and share your recipes with family, friends and the world, in your very own Cookbook for iPad. Cook is #TheWorldsCookbook.

The Nike Fuel Band is a wearable technology device that I love. It is basically a pedometer in a bracelet form that has a super handy visual read-out screen that tells you how active you have been during the course of your day. The fact this device visualises my active behaviour is a huge motivator for me.

I consider myself to be someone who is quite fit and active; however, the visualisation actually caused me to be more active – as it made me more mindful of just how inactive working behind a desk can be.

At any point during the day you can press a button on the band to see how you are tracking in relation to your pre-set goal (generally 10,000 steps – or 3000 ‘Fuel points’). Nike Fuel points are a clever marketing concept by Nike that successfully creates a language around the Fuel Band that other pedometers, like the fitbit or jawbone devices, just don’t have.

Fuel is essentially a combination of steps and calories – it is about 10k worth of steps a day roughly – but anyone with a Fuel Band knows the language of Fuel, and as a result steps are just not as important to them.

The data visualisation of my behaviour is clever in its own right, but once you hit a goal moment you are rewarded with the positive reinforcement of the display screen lighting up and flashing – giving me a little ‘high-five’ for kicking my goal.

This is super clever behaviour design at work – I love it.

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