Leon Young from 2and2: My Best Tech

Leon Young is founder and managing director of 2and2, a company that creates video games and other digital experiences for education and behaviour change. 

“Despite working in the tech sector since I was 14, I’m not a gadget geek. Tablets have been transformative to 2and2’s business, and the projects clients come to us for. However, despite trialling a range of tablets, none of the 10-inch models managed to work their way into my daily life. The iPad Mini changed all that. 

“The form factor is perfect for me. It’s just big enough to browse web sites comfortably, use sophisticated apps, play games and quite satisfactory for watching movies on the go. It’s ideal for travel, and on a recent overseas trip it was the only device I took apart from my phone.

“It’s so great not to have to lug a laptop. I can even connect it to a projector for doing presentations. I also love the fact that it’s light and small enough to use comfortably as an e-reader, even in bed. 

“I should point out that I’m no Apple fanboy. I have used Android phones since they first hit the market and will continue to. But for a tablet, the iPad Mini is a real winner.”

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