MailChimp reveals the most popular emoji for email newsletter subject lines

Andrew Sadauskas /

Email newsletter provider MailChimp has released figures showing the 10 emoji most commonly used in email newsletter subject lines, one day after Instagram revealed more than one-in-three Australian posts on its social photo app now use emoji.

According to a post by MailChimp data scientist Neel Shivdasani on the company’s official blog, since MailChimp added support for emoji in subject lines in February, a total of 214,000 campaigns have been sent with subject lines containing emoji.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the registered trademark symbol and the smiley face have been the two most commonly used emoji during February.

“We don’t see a consistent positive or negative impact from using emojis at this point, but they’re still growing in popularity and stabilising. In the meantime, we recommend using them to convey meaning rather than as a gimmick,” Shivdasani said.

Back in February, MailChimp cited the proliferation of smaller screens including the Apple Watch as a key reason for including emoji in subject lines, but warned that in some cases (for example in Desktop Chrome) support for emoji is inconsistent.

It comes after Instagram revealed its Australian users trail most other countries in the use of emoji, despite 37% of all Australian Instagram posts now containing emoji.

Andrew Sadauskas

Andrew Sadauskas is a former journalist at SmartCompany and a former editor of TechCompany.