Microsoft ditches Nokia social media accounts ahead of #MoreLumia launch event

Microsoft ditches Nokia social media accounts ahead of #MoreLumia launch event

Microsoft has closed a number of social media channels ahead of an event this week at which it is expected to unveil new smartphones without the Nokia brand.

In a blog post, Microsoft announced its new Lumia Conversations blog is replacing the old Nokia Conversations. On Twitter, @Nokiaconv Twitter account will be closed in favour of @Lumia and @LumiaHelp, with new accounts on Facebook and YouTube as well.

There are also country-specific versions of the social media accounts, such as the Australian version of the @Lumia Twitter account: @LumiaAustralia. However, the company will continue using the existing Twitter and Instagram accounts for its Connects photography program.

The social media changes come after the company posted a teaser on its social media page for an event titled #MoreLumia on November 11, with the text: “Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone”.

The news comes as WMPU has posted a series of pictures purporting to show a new device, dubbed the Lumia 535. If the photos are authentic, the device will be the first smartphone to entirely drop the Nokia brand in favour of Microsoft.

The switchover confirms speculation that surfaced late last month about the Nokia brand being dumped after Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia’s mobile phone handset division closed in April.

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