Microsoft releases new Office apps across platforms

Microsoft releases new Office apps across platforms

Microsoft has released new Office apps for iPhone, iPad and Android tablets that aim to take Office to all devices.

Microsoft corporate vice president John Case says with Office on nearly every device it’s incredibly important that customers have a consistent experience and the ability to work anywhere and everywhere.

“Anytime someone has an idea or a moment of inspiration, we want to empower them to take action,” he says.

“With over a billion Office customers worldwide, and over 40 million downloads on the iPad, it’s clear that Office applications are what people want to use to get things done.”

The new Office for iPhone apps include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The iPad versions of those apps have also been updated. All are available for download today.

Microsoft is also offering a preview of Office apps for Android tablet. Interested customers can sign up for the preview and general availability is expected to arrive in early 2015.

Customers on iPhone, iPad and Android will also now be able to create and edit Office content without a subscription.

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