New Zealand’s PC market grows while Australia’s falters

While Australia’s PC market continued to falter during the third-quarter of 2013, New Zealand’s managed to grow, according to new IDC figures.

In New Zealand, the PC market reported strong 21% year-on-year growth, with 166,000 units shipped for the quarter.

In stark contrast, the PC market in Australia recorded a 6% year-on-year decline, falling to 956,000 units.

The Australian market leader was HP, with 23% market share or around 220,000 units, followed by Apple with 15% and 143,000.

Dell (14%), Acer (11%) and Toshiba (9%) rounded out the Australian top five, with other vendors – including local computer stores – accounting for a further 29% of the market.

HP’s lead was far stronger with 39% market share and 64,740 units, with Acer claiming a distant second place with 14% and 23,240.

Apple was relegated to third place with just 11% of the market, followed by Toshiba and Dell.

Meanwhile, New Zealanders were far less likely to rely on a local computer store than their Australian cousins, with other vendors making up just 20% of the market.

IDC senior analyst Amy Cheah says that while tough business conditions, increasing prices due to the falling Aussie dollar and the federal election hampered PC sales in Australia, a bullish economy has boosted sales in New Zealand.

“PC demand in New Zealand has also steadily gained momentum in the past few quarters, mirroring the recovery of the domestic economy.

“Both consumer and business confidence lifted due to an increase in trading activity as economic growth started to expand to regions outside of Canterbury, further contributing to the recovery in PC demand.”


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