Amazon opens Kindle up to bloggers

Online retailer Amazon has released Kindle Publishing for Blogs, which allows the sale of blog subscriptions to users of its Kindle e-reader device.


Amazon allows blogs to sign up for an account, direct the retailer to the applicable RSS feed, fill out information and it puts the blog on the Kindle Store with two days.


The company reserves the right to pick the pricing for the blog, and has priced more famous publications such as The Huffington Post and the New York Times at between $US1 and $US2.


Amazon also takes 70% of subscription sales and gives 30% to the blog publisher, much smaller than the 70-30 split in favour of developers seen at retail operations such as the Apple App Store.


The move comes as Amazon introduced the new Kindle device this week with a larger screen, allowing users to read digital versions of magazines and newspapers.



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