Australian social tryvertising for busy parents

It’s hard to think about trying a new product when your children are getting impatient and trying to drag you out of the store. Word of Mouth Company has set up a network to give consumer product companies the opportunity to show parents their wares.

Word of Mouth invites members of established community groups to a meeting funded by partner consumer companies that deliver presentations on new goods; stimulating conversations about their brands and collecting feedback.

Vicki Foster, Word of Mouth’s general manager, told Springwise the motivations behind the venture: “We give (mainly) women the opportunity to get up close and personal with the products we represent in a non-sell environment, so they can discover for themselves whether the products really do deliver.

“If they like the products then they are likely to go and tell their friends and family. If they don’t like them then we pass their constructive criticism on to the companies involved so they can work on improving their products.”

The conversation continues online with the Word of Mouth Club, which offers competitions, recipes, forums and product news. Since this virtual club was launched last October, more than 20,000 members have joined.


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