Disposable wireless broadband

Business travellers sometimes need access to the internet as they move around, but it may not be cost effective to invest in a long term wireless broadband plan for those who travel infrequently.

According to Springwise, New York company RovAir fills that need by selling short-term wireless broadband access, with contracts available that run for as little as three days.

RovAir itself maintains the long term contracts with wireless broadband providers and then on-sells the access, complete with temporary use of a wireless modem. Price ranges from $US5.95 per day for a 30 day contract, up to $US14.95 for a three day deal.

The user simply informs RovAir in advance of when they will need the wireless broadband and are then sent the wireless modem by mail or courier. Once they have finished with the service they simply send the modem back.


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