Drinkers ‘di-style’ their own labels

Global alcoholic drinks maker Pernod Ricard is allowing US customers to design personal drink labels for their most popular liquors.

The novel Your Gift Label scheme exploits the user-generated Internet phenomenon to further build the profile of brands such as Chivas Regal and Kahlua.

Users of the free online services can design and order up to five fresh labels per email address. Physical delivery takes about 15 days. Patrons can then decide to stick the labels onto bottles or hold onto them as mementos.

Examples of customers adding an individual flourish include corporate logos, wedding dates and sailing teams.

Pernod Ricard brands in this refreshing scheme include;

  • Chivas Regal
  • The Glenlivet
  • Jacob’s Creek
  • Wild Turkey
  • Kahlua

Springwise which reported on the Pernod Ricard initiative, believes such ‘personal free love’ is shrewd marketing.

“By separating the label offering from orders for the core product …. Not only does it reduce the associated shipping costs and broaden the audience that will be interested in engaging with the brand, it also gains the tremendous goodwill associated with giving away something for free.”

The idea is a move on from the MyJones web-business in the US which delivers self-designed bottom up drink labels for US$29.99 plus shipping costs.


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