Facebook plans facelift

Popular online social network Facebook is planning a major revamp of the personal profiles at the heart of its business, BusinessWeek reports.

The move has been prompted by the massive proliferation in new applications – usually small novelty programs – available to Facebook users, leaving their profile pages looking increasingly cluttered.

The digital facelift, to take affect in June, will reportedly create more white space on profile pages by filing away different kinds of information or applications behind a series of tabs to be located across the top of the page.

It will also give users greater flexibility in how their page looks by increasing their ability to magnify particular elements and downplay others.

The tricky question for Facebook is whether its fickle 20-something audience will like the new look.

“Change is difficult for our users, even positive changes,” Facebook manager Mark Slee says. “But we are pretty confident that we can walk everyone through this so they will be engaged with the changes and enjoy them.”

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