How to convince senior executives to try social media

Rohit Bhargava writes the Influential Marketing Blog, ranked by Ad Age as one of the top 50 marketing blogs in the world and is author for Ogilvy Worldwide.

He’s says there are a number of ways to convince older, senior executives to experiment with social media.

“One is numbers, because the numbers are on social media’s side in terms of importance of visibility for search, in terms of number of people that are starting to use it.”

“There’s a statistical argument to be made around what competitors are doing and how they may be doing more than what you’re doing at the moment.”

“And then I think the other thing is that there’s a lot of interest here from brands in cracking this code and from senior executives’ point of view for a lot of them, there’s a lot of career value involved in being the one that cracks that code. And so not to kind of play on the ego too much but the idea is that if you can be the visionary person that sees the value of this and cracks that code for the company and does something that does stand out, it’s a very good career move. I think that is, to some degree, what’s driving some of the social media efforts out there.”

Read a full interview with Rohit Bhargava from Ogilvy Worldwide.


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